About us

Trival Kompoziti d.o.o. is a medium-size company located in the historically renowned and industrially developed city of Kamnik, Slovenia. The focal point of the company's activity is the industrial sector of chemical processing - manufacture of composite materials. We apply advanced pultrusion and filament winding technology for the manufacture of the company's main products, namely various types of composites. Additionally, also various finished products are being manufactured. Development issues and product quality assurance tasks are being catered for by a team of highly professional staff having at their disposal up-to-date equipment in the laboratory and on the production lines.
Our Trivapul pultruded profiles and Trivavit filament wound products are made of reinforcement such as glass, carbon, aramid and polyester fibres in the form of rovings, mats, fabrics, veils and combinations thereof. As a matrix material we use thermoset polymers such as epoxy, polyester and vinylester resins with addition of functional and processing additives. In view of the fact that, as regards composite materials, the level of standardization for laminae constructions and for products is low, most the products are made according to the client specification. This requires close cooperation with our development department which works out proposals in respect of the optimum solution to the presented application problem.
Trival Kompoziti d.o.o. is an export-oriented company. Our products are exported to European countries and also to other international markets. We are a dynamic company with many years of experience in the manufacture of composites. With highly professional staff and up-to-date equipments we are able to solve, in accordance with requirements of our clients, any problems faced in respect of the manufacture of pultruded and filament wound composites.

Company name: Trival kompoziti d.o.o.
Address: Bakovnik 3, SI-1241 Kamnik, Slovenija
Telephone 1: +386 1 8313341 | +386 1 8314394 | +386 1 8312076
Fax: +386 1 8312294
E-mail: info@trival.si
Registration number: 5594600
Tax number: SI31640150
Bank address: Nova ljubljanska banka d.d., Ljubljanska cesta 45, SI-1241 Kamnik, Slovenija
Business account: 02312-0010374741

Janez Zorman
Barbara Škrbec
Sales in Slovenia
Simona Zanoškar
Purchasing department
David Kobilca
Product manager

Renato Zorzenone
Quality control